DSC01209Contra dance is a social dance – You’ll see a lot of faces, smile a ton, and dance up and down the lines with multiple dance “partners,” “neighbors,” and maybe even “shadows.”

Onstage with the musicians  is a dance caller who teaches and walks you through each dance before the music begins. He or she also calls the dance figures during the music to keep you on top of things.

What kind of music can you expect? Most bands have a fiddle, guitar or piano. Bass, mandolin, sometimes winds, even percussion.

Contra dance originated in New England, with roots in French, Scottish, and English traditional dances. You will now find lively dance communities all over the United States, across the world, and right here in Nashville, TN.

The BEST way to learn about contra dance is to jump in and go to one. Nashville dances on Friday nights at the 2nd Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 3511 Belmont Blvd Nashville, TN 37218. Lesson at 7:30, dance 8-10:30 pm.

Want a little sneak peak? Check out this video!